About Marilyn

Hi Everyone, my name is Marilyn Crane. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Regression. I can help, through hypnosis with 145 different things from losing weight, to quitting smoking, PTSD, Phobias, Fears, Motivation and so much more. Please check out my website for all the different issues I can help with. http://www.sequoiawoodshealing.com/145-Issues-for-Hypnosis/

My passion is Hypnotherapy. I have always been intrigued with Reincarnation and past lives. I have had several spontaneous past life memories and I know reincarnation to be as true as I know I am a human being. I love what I do. I love to help people find the answers to the issues that are plaguing them in this lifetime. I love the “ah-ha” moments when someone comes in to find out why they have a fear of something and then discover it is how they died in a past lifetime. For instance, I had a client who was afraid of fire, but there was no reason why she should have been afraid of fire. When we did a past life regression with her, we discovered she had passed away in a fire in a cabin in the 1800’s, trying to save her baby. She attempted to stomp out the fire, but with no avail. Her baby and she, both died in the fire. When we were finished she asked if she could show me something and she took off her shoes and socks and to my amazement, she had birthmarks all over her toes and feet that looked like and were consistent with burns. She also was not able to have children in this lifetime and she equates that to the fact that it was too painful for her to lose her baby girl in a fire in the past life. WOW. So, now we know answers to three different issues, when she only came in for the answer to one. Why she was afraid of fire. But we also got the answers to why she never bore children in this lifetime and why she had those birthmarks. Thank you, T for allowing me to share your remarkable story.

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